Technical Group

# Topic Org.
1 Goals, Strategies and Railway Development Planning of Cambodian Railway CAM
2 Proactive Safety Culture PT KAI
3 LNR’s Infrastructure to Facilitate the Development of SKRL LNR
4 Master Plan on Railway Network Development VNR
5 Accelerometer Equipment For Measuring The Track Quality Index PT KAI
6 Air-Condinioning Solution for Passenger Coaches QuangThang
7 Establishing KTMB as the Regional Test Facility for Single-use Flexitank KTMB
8 Current Status and Issues of Railway International Standardization RTRI
9 Key Highlights of Double-Track Railway Projects SRT
10 Current Progress of Yangon-Mandalay Railway Improvement Project MR
11 Coal Terminal at Kramasan, South Sumatera PT KAI
12 First Step of Electrification on Meter Gauge Track - SRTs Red Line Project SRT
13 Creating Wheel Supply Chain To Sea Region PT KAI
14 Challenges in Maintaining Railway Assets_Rolling Stock KTMB
15 Design and Installation MTU12V396 onto Locomotive D13E VNR
16 The Common Track to the Future CRRC
17 Panoramic Coach New Experience in Travelling by Train PT KAI
18 SRT's Sightseeing Project SRT