Marketing & Operation Group

# Topic Org.
1 Railway Operation and Strategic Plan in Cambodia CAM
2 Faster and Better Service by Reducing the Travelling Time PT KAI
3 Operation Management and Transportation LNR
4 Rolling Stock Solutions to Provide On-Demand Locomotive and Wagon for Cargo Services KTMB
5 Thailand-Lao PDR Rail Services and the Way Forward SRT
6 KAI Pay KAI Official E-Wallet PT KAI
7 Business Solutions Flexible and Adaptive to the Influence of Covid 19 Pandemic VNR
8 KAI Commuter Strategy in the Pandemic PT KAI
9 Solutions for Maintain and Development of Railway Operation in the Pandemic VNR
10 Safety at Level Crossings of Myanma Railways MR
11 New Railway Tourism Arrange Your Own Destatination PT KAI
12 ASEAN Rail Tourism Potential, Challenges and Way Ahead KTMB
13 Implementation of Technology and Innovation in Education and Training SRT
14 Revamp Opr of Several Stations to Max the Integrated Public Transport Network in Jkt PT KAI